First open the batch file with the USW PC program. 

you can find it here:

In the Project Properties various settings for an open usw file can been seen. The Project Properties is opened by going to the Properties menu point below the File menu: 

On the Overview tab various info is given. The description field where the user can save any text as part of the usw file. 

The Content tab lists from which firmware the different components inside the usw file is originating. A date for the last time a given component was changed is also given. In the example below no firmware version is given for the Modbus configuration, this is the case for all older usw files. 

The Options tab contains the options of the controller from which the usw originates. The list of options is from the controller on which data the usw file was first created. If the usw file is later updated by saving components (e.g. M-Logic) originating from a controller