You have four different options to solve the hardware failure on your controller.


1. Send units for repair

You send the faulty controllers to the nearest repair centre to get the faulty cards repaired. Details can be found in Repair (RMA) (

2. On-site repair

A DEIF technician will go onboard your vessel and do on-site repair of the worn-out measurement card (replace the faulty PCB).

3. Order a complete GPU-3/PPU-3/PPM-3 replacement unit

We will make a new GPU-3/PPU-3/PPM-3 unit, which can physically be replaced 1:1 with the existing unit. 

4. Order a new measurement PCB

We will send a spare part PCB to vessel, where you can replace it on your own. 


Additional info for option 3 and 4.

If you can provide us a backup or a batch file of the existing controller, we can offer you preprograming of the GPU-3/PPU-3/PPM-3 unit or the spare part PCB. The preprograming service is not free, if you choose this option we will revert with current pricing.


Information about this procedure can be found in the “Getting started USW 3x” manual under Application notes in here: GPU-3 ( ( ( or video guides in here: USW-3 and Batch file.


No matter what option you go for, we need to have the information from the silver label on top of each controller - you can see a sketch here. In addition, we would like to know the software version on the controllers, which can be read out from display - sketch here as well.


If you do not prefer to send the unit back to us, we recommend option 2. A DEIF technician will have the best possible competences to do the repair task. Our technician will hand carry all needed spare parts for the GPU-3/PPU-3/PPM-3 in case of any unexpected failure to any of the components within the unit. Another advantage with this option is, that our technician can perform the same procedure on the rest of the controllers as a preventive maintenance.


In case you want to do this yourself, we recommend going for option 3. A full GPU-3/PPU-3/PPM-3 replacement with preprogramed settings as this is the easiest way for the crew to handle it without any failures.


Please reach out to and inform us your company details and what option you want.