You will need a program like VNC viewer 

Download VNC Viewer | VNC® Connect (

Is does not need to be the program I have linked, just something similar.   

Connect your PC to the same network as ETH 1
 Open VNC viewer, write the ETH1’s IP in the top text field: and press enter. 

When connected, your screen should look like this: 

Right click somewhere on the white background, that’s not the textbox, you should see this pop-up:


Enable “Logging” and “show log at boot” 

You should see this window when enabling “logging”

To get the startup logs shown, restart the unit. 

Now the window should look something like this: 




These 2 tags are important, these say the ex703 has started the ability to read Modbus and serial connection.
MODT for Modbus, and VRBL for serial connection.   

The other important part to look for is the “IFMqttModule and Client” this part displays if the ex703 is connecting to the insight server or not. 

If something is wrong in the logs, you will get a wall of error’s, 

the same, if it can’t connect to a unit, then it will look something like this. 

If you think something needs fixing leave feedback here:  

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