How to update eX703


First check if VNC Service & SSH service is active. 

With the eX703’s ETH1 connected to your PC’s ethernet port,
 Go to 

Your-IP-Here, will need to be switched for the IP of your eX703 like this (   


When you get to this page: 

Username: admin                   

Password: admin 


When logged in, go to Services and make sure SSH and VNC are enabled, and Fast boot it turned off. 




Now copy the UpdatePackageProduction Zip file to your USB, no need to unpack it. 


With the file on the USB, plug the USB into the eX703. The USB is to the left of the ETH0 port. 


Now you need some kind of VNC viewer. (There are free versions on the internet)


Connect to the same IP as you did for the settings. 

When this screen is visible. Right click somewhere on the blank part of the screen. 

When this menu appears, click the update button 

 Press Browse


Double click mnt 


Double click USB memory 



 And then find the UpdatePackage and double click UpdatePackageProduction



 Press next 


Now the unit will go through its update sequence. 

Now the unit should be updated. You will need to send the settings from insight to the unit again. 

Press Download configuration. After pressing the button you will see below message and the application will eventually be restarted and you will be logged out.


When the unit has restarted, go to your insight page, 

Go to settings < device and find the unit. Then send the settings once again. 


You know the eX703 has received its settings when it writes a code in the Message ID, and restarts the unit.

 Connect your controller to ETH1 again and the unit should start transmitting data again.